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  Future of Blockchain 


BHOM, which stands for BLOCKCHAIN HOME, is a blockchain-based housing transaction platform. It is a DApp commercial service which allows users to trade or lease the property quickly and safely using smart contracts and cryptocurrency.

Our Vision

Housing Transaction Platform

BHOM Community


  • 2017Q4

    • Developer Conference
    • Blockchain City Plan Announcement
       / Marcus Evans 2nd Annual Smart City Conference

  • 2018Q1

    • BHOM Token Generation
    • BHOM LAB Establishment
    • TGE

  • 2018Q3

    • BHOM Housing Transaction Platform Beta Test
       / Beta Data Collection and Analysis
    • Listing of BHM on Exchange

  • 2018Q4

    • MOU with Cities for BHOM Community Networking (Projected)
    • Smart Contract and BHOM Coin-using Lease Execution
       / Prototype Housing Service

  • 2019Q1

    • Co-living Apartment Prototype Service (Projected)

  • 2019Q2

    • BHOM Mainnet Operation
    • BHOM Housing Transaction Platform Official Launch
    • Housing Transaction Official Implementation
    • Blockchain City Project Initiation


Token Supply


Rate:      1 ETH = 10,000 BHM

* We only accept ETH for Token Sale



70,000,000 BHM


( FEB 17 - MAR 1, 2018 )



100,000,000 BHM


( MAR 2 - 22, 2018 )



130,000,000 BHM


( MAR 23 - APR 20, 2018 )



200,000,000 BHM


( APR 21 - MAY 26, 2018 )

Token Allocation

Use of Proceeds





Byungju Lee

Creative Director
Chairman of Planning Korea

Byungju Lee is Planning Korea's urban·architectural creative director. He is also a social installation artist, combining humanities with urban architecture. He founded Planning Korea in 2000 and managed over 20 projects, including Boutique Monaco, Paik Nam June Media Bridge, and Jeju Airest City. Currently, Planning Korea is expanding into the national level planning to create a blockchain city system.

In 2014 Creativity, Cities, Culture Industry Convention of Korea-China, he announced, 'Paik Nam June Media Bridge' to the world. He served as city advisor in Seoul, LH, Incheon, and Gwangmyeong, and as the Secretary-General of Korea Brand Association. He has a splendid history in the field of architecture - he won various international competitions such as Reinventer Paris, Seoul Nodeul Island, and Jamsil Sports Complex. Currently, he is serving as the chairman of Planning Korea and Boutique Monaco Museum.

Jongsan Kim

Risk Management & Customer Protection Specialist

Jongsan Kim served as the Head of the Credit Policy Department at Woori Bank and the General Manager in Woori Bank’s Department of Sales at the Guro-Geumcheon Business Division. Further, he served as the executive director as the Chief Communication Officer (CCO), and Chief Risk management Officer (CRO) at Woori Card.

At Woori Bank's Credit Policy Department, he oversaw the credit management planning and operation as a financial specialist. He supervised Woori Credit Card issuance audit, bond management and card business support. As a CRO, he introduced the Basel 3 Crisis Management Risk System and Asset Prudential Management to establish the risk management system.
He also served as the general manager of consumer protection business, establishing a culture focused on financial consumers, and as a consultant at KCB.

Dukmin Lee

Legal Advisor
Law Office Gold Mountain

Dukmin Lee is a lawyer who majored Political Science at Seoul National University. He served as the head of the cultural contents industry department at Hwawoo law firm. As an expert in newly rising industries, He was in charge of overseas licensing and entertainment businesses related to Korean Cultural Contents.

At law office Gold Mountain, he currently specializes in new industries such as drones and blockchain. In particular, he is the first lawyer specializing in drone industry in Korea. He is a leading lawyer providing legal interpretation to solve the correlation between regulation and upbringing of new industries.

Corinne Louis

Legal Researcher

Corinne Louis worked as a property manager in the United States, France, and other major countries. Her main interest lies in the real estate investment and law; she obtained a Master of Laws from the Panthéon-Sorbonne Paris 1 University and the Panthéon-Assas Paris 2 University.

She is currently writing a doctoral dissertation focusing on real estate transaction laws. She is especially interested in the cryptocurrency that will reinterpret the credit in transactions.
At BHOM, she studies how to develop a real estate transaction using a blockchain technology and how to create a more secure transaction and society, and ultimately how to define it legally. She is the head Legal Researcher at BHOM.

Kyoungwook Kim

Platform Specialist

Kyungwook Kim served as the executive director of UX Design at NHN Korea, United States (Mountain View, CA), and NHN Japan (Tokyo). He further served as an art director at Smiley Corporation in New York.

He produced various platform services such as Naver Blog, Cafe, Shopping, and many other B2C platforms. In addition, he is a co-founder of Japanese video MCC platform C channel.


Changsub Lee

CEO, Co-founder
Global Business Specialist

Changsub Lee studied architecture and urban design at Ecole Nationale Superieure d'architecture de la ville et des territoires in France and Geography at the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne.
At Planing Korea, an urban planning and architecture company, he participated in various projects such as Reinvent Paris, Reinvent la Seine and Jamsil Sports Complex as a communication and project manager.

Currently, he is planning solutions to bring both blockchain technology and residential transaction market in harmony. He is a co-representative of BHOM and a project producer of Planning Korea.

Chris Jeon

COO, Co-founder
Business Model Specialist

Chris Jeon worked as a managing, planning and general director and also as a CEO at ten start-ups and education academies. He managed web service operations and planning for major websites in Korea such as Cyworld, Nate, and Empas. He successfully launched large and small-scale O2O Business Model as a management consultant, contributing to improvement in productivity of various companies.
Further, he served as the general manager at the GameCoach Academy, the world's first e-sports academy, and team manager at Element Mystic, the world’s top 10 teams for Blizzard’s Overwatch.

He is co-founder and COO of Radroach soft, a blockchain company, and co-representative of BHOM Lab.

Hunook Kim

Blockchain City Planner

As an expert in urban master planning, Hunook Kim supervised master plans such as Jamsil Sports Complex, Yongsan International Business District, and Jeju Airest City. At Planning Korea, an urban planning and architecture company, he established a blockchain city lab for city development to study the transactions transformations within cities.

He managed major projects such as KT&G Jeju Sangsangmadang, Paik Nam June Media Bridge, Reinventer Paris. He has branded over 100 cases including Hazzys, Basic House and Louis Quatorze.

Hyosun Lee

Creator, Architect
Authorized Real estate Expert

Hyosun Lee participated in global real estate development projects in France, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam. She integrated planning of the overall project from residential product development to marketing.

Mainly interested in single housing/ single entrepreneur and blockchain, she conducted a study on “ a community residential model with blockchain technology” in the Planning Korea’s blockchain city lab. She is also the co-founder of Coloc, a co-living apartment brand. At BHOM Lab, she is in charge of residential transaction planning.


Dawn Yun

Concept Planner

Dawn Yun majored in Biotechnology, Housing, and Management. At Planning Korea’s Creative Project Management team, she conducted concept planning of urban and architecture projects in charge of concept design and operating program development.

She is a co-founder of the Coloc co-living apartments project and also a creator developing concept planning at BHOM Lab.

Donghyun Lee

Legal Researcher

Donghyun Lee acquired his master’s in laws from two universities:Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University and Panthéon-Assas. He studied French law with Korean judges and prosecutors for 2 years. Further, he worked as a legal advisor in Korea Electric Power Corporation in Europe branch.

Interested in cyber security and the fourth industrial revolution since 2013, he is currently conducting a study on the blockchain and algorithm method at the BHOM Lab. He is the legal consultant of BHOM.

Taewon Kang

Blockchain Analyst
Blockchain Specialist

After graduated from Seoul National University with a bachelor of science degree in Engineering and Agronomy, and a master in Economics, Taewon Kang is finishing his doctorate in Management for Technology Economics at Seoul National University.
He conducted industry and data mining at the Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade (KIET) and participated in the South-South cooperation support project at United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in New York.

In the OECD GLOBAL ANTI-CORRUPTION & INTEGRITY FORUM held in Paris in 2017, he presented 'Challenges of Blockchain Technology'.
Currently, he is a blockchain expert at BHOM Lab, where he is responsible for ecosystem and technology regulation and policy research for the blockchain.


Development Dept.

Ryan Lee

CTO, Blockchain Dept. Leader
Full stack Developer

Ryan Lee obtained his bachelor's degree in Economics from Seoul National University. At Samsung Convergence Software Academy, he developed the Network Management System in the Samsung Electronics Network Division's development team and received the Professional Programmer certification from Samsung Electronics.

He developed a solution for cryptocurrency mining management and have successfully completed various TGE projects using blockchain and smart contract.

Currently, he is the CTO of BHOM Lab, CEO of Radroach soft, a blockchain company.

Edmund Kim

S/W Developer

Edmund Kim acquired his bachelor’s in business administration from Ulsan University.
Having trained at the Samsung Convergence Software Academy, he was responsible for the development of the Call summary log and Call release reason functions at Samsung Network division development team.

In the project, he developed a web front-end and back-end service that dealt with Network Element and developed a Network Management System.

Evergreen Kim

Optimization Engineer
Algorithm Specialist

Evergreen Kim graduated from Kwangwoon University with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in electronic communications engineering.
He developed a small base station that complies with WCDMA / LTE standards and developed a patented technology for small base stations.

He achieved great achievements in the national R & D task of researching security vulnerabilities in mobile communications. He also researched and developed IoT-related embedded systems and SoC firmwares. Further, he participated in the development of vehicle recognition technology using Deep Learning as HW IP.

Currently, he is an algorithm specialist overseeing IoT and Deep Learning parts at BHOM Lab.

Ethan Jeong

H/W Developer
Algorithm R&D
Electronics Specialist

Ethan Jeong was graduated from Seoul National University with electrical engineering and has engaged in digital circuit design and firmware development for three years.

In the Korean national R & D project, he has successfully completed the project for the development of electronic starter modules and control devices.

Ethan Jeong finished his Ph. D in Microwave Signal Processing and Classification Algorithm at Seoul National University. He is currently in charge of Algorithm and H / W development at BHOM Lab.


Token Sale Process

1How do I get a BHM token?
Participating in the TGE that BHOM conducts will allow you to receive BHM tokens. In order to participate in TGE, you must use the exclusive wallet which enables you to receive tokens. You can also receive BHM tokens in your wallet when you complete the KYC registration.
2How do I buy an Ethereum?
You can purchase it at the Cryptocurrency Exchange.
3Can I participate with less than the minimum required amount?
Minimum participation amount is 0.1 ETH. If you send less 0.1 ETH, your ETH will be refunded.
4How are tokens distributed/ allocated?
The token is distributed not in the order of the transfer but in the order of KYC certification. After the transfer and KYC process are completed, the token distributed can be found in the personal wallet.
5How many BHM tokens will I receive?
1 ETH = 10,000 BHM.
6What happens if I accidentally send Ethereum to the wrong address?
If you send money to the wrong address, you will not receive a refund. Please confirm the transaction address again before sending ETH.
7How do I get a refund for my funds?
No refund will be given except in the case of return due to exceeding the target recruitment amount.
8Ethereum was sent to the correct address, but the token is not immediately verified. What is the problem?
It takes an average of 20 seconds for the Ethereum transaction to be confirmed. If the transaction is confirmed, it can be confirmed immediately.
9If I forget my password on BHOM website, will I lose my BHM token?
BHM tokens are kept in your personal wallet and will not be lost even if you forget your password.

Token Sale Details

1What is the plan for using the funds?
Please refer to homepage and white paper for use plan.
2How many BHMs are distributed on token sales?
TGE will distribute 573,000,000 BHM.
Please note that the number of tokens issued depends on the token sale result.
3What happens if all scheduled tokens are not distributed until the end of the token sale?
The target amount is 50,000 ETH. If the target amount is not met, only the BHM according to the amount of fund collected will be issued.
4What is the expected value of the BHM token after the token sale ends?
We cannot estimate the value at this time because the token is valued according to market valuations like other cryptocurrency.
5Can anyone participate in token sale?
It is your responsibility to abide by the legal restrictions in your country or state of origin.

BHM Token

1When can I trade on the exchange?
If the listing of the exchange is confirmed, it will be announced on the homepage.
2Can I get more information about my wallet?
BHM is ERC20 token. You can use smart wallet for ERC20.

BHM Housing Transaction Platform

1What is the organization involved with the BHOM housing transaction platform?
BHOM LAB, located in France, is a BHOM housing transaction platform development and operation team.
Planning Korea, based in Korea and France, is an urban & architecture PM company that provides prototypes to BHOM, which will lead the actual transaction.
2What is the current schedule for the BHOM housing transaction platform?
Please refer to our White paper and Roadmap on our Webpage!